Pacific Northwest Predictive Current Map

NOAA provides wonderful predictions of sea current strength & direction at many stations around the Puget Sound (and rest of the US), but they don't do the best job of presenting the data in a consumable form. I took their data & built an improved experience around it.


An app for turning your credit card & bank transactions into Splitwise expenses

Alka Finance

The most productive way to manage money

COVID Tracking Project

Data visualization for a non-profit organization to track COVID19 testing & outcomes across the United States

HERE Mapathon

Took home 2nd place and $5k in a map-based data visualization competition against over 800 teams from around the globe


Get notified when traffic dies down - Avoid traffic and road rage

Microsoft Shopping Assistant

Your smart shopping cart across the web

Where Can I Buy? - Cortana Experience

Where is the closest store I can find a toothbrush?

Time to Fly

What time do you need to leave for the airport to make your flight on time?